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Access the AA app

The fastest way to report a breakdown, with your exact location, is via our app. You can even track the patrol who’s coming to your rescue. The app now includes our route planner and traffic data, as well as vehicle reminders for MOT, tax, insurance and service dates. And we’ve added enhanced features for all AA members – including fuel prices, our parking-space finder and dashboard warning lights information.


Other great features:

  • Free live traffic updates
  • Fuel prices and parking for all AA members
  • Dashboard warning lights information for all AA Members

How much data do I need?
You can use your monthly data allocation (1GB, 3GB or 8GB) to surf, stream music & movies, download files, send and receive email, access your favourite apps or anything that requires an internet connection.


Below is a general guide on how much online activities require, so you can choose which data plan is best for you.


Average usage

These are general guidelines for the amount of data used per AA In-Car WiFi service

Note: Data usage varies by device. The above examples are based on averages and are estimates only

  • Streaming is based on standard definition, high definition will use up to 4 times more
  • Emails are based on 75% basic email and 25% of emails with a standard attachment

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